Children are Born Curious


Have you ever wondered about that phenomenon?  It’s easy to dismiss. To walk past it, and accept it. But have you ever wondered about it?

Children are BORN curious!  In and of itself, this may not seem like a revelation, but have you ever wondered about it?

Children are born with the desire to understand.  They want to make meaning of the world.  They are born with the ability to think.  They are born with a capacity for research.

They have theories about the world. Beautiful and flawed at the same time. And all they need then is to feel safe enough to explore. They’ll handle the rest from there.

If children are born curious, then we don’t have to teach them to ask, “Why?”

If children are born with the ability to ask why, then they are natural researchers.  Scientists.

We don’t have to teach them how to do that.  They are already that. Now. Not later.

And as adults. Parents. Teachers. Champions of children. Where do we fit in?

We can honor this ability. Fight against the odds to preserve it. And hold it up to a candle. In this light, children can see it for themselves.

It’s inside of them.

They have it.

They already have it!

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2 Responses

  1. Kirsten Engberg says:

    It’s a rare and valuable thing when you meet an adult who has not lost their childlike curiosity. I hope that the little lives that I have the privilege of influencing will grow up to be those adults.

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