Make Our Voice Heard! We Deserve a Better Contract!

Dear Friends and Family,

The teachers of Helen Gordon are currently engaged in discussions with the Oregon University System in order to bargain for a better contract. We are a model center whose area of influence moves beyond the classrooms we serve. I believe that our area of influence is so large not because of the attention we spend outside of the classroom. It is because of the high quality by which we serve our families and children.

It is now our time to make our voices heard.

If you believe in high quality education for young children, please share your thoughts.
If you know about the work we do at Helen Gordon, share your experiences.
If you believe that we teachers have earned and deserve a better contract, please let us know.

Your support in writing may be used in our collective bargaining to show the support we have in the community.  We want to fortify our presentation with the support that you show.


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