Unwilling to Make Excuses About Materials…

While early childhood educators strive to have the best resources at hand for the children and families they serve, I reflect on the people who lived in Reggio Emilia right after the town was bombed heavily and utterly destroyed in World War II. Out of the rubble is where the Reggio Emilia approach was derived. These schools have influenced millions of educators around the world. Did they worry about how they were going to buy enough blocks for all their classrooms?

Certainly having a rich variety of materials enhances educational opportunities for children, but it is at these times when I have found myself or have seen others curse the heavens for what they don’t have.

I challenge myself to stop in those moments, take a breath, and take a look around me. I challenge myself to be like those pioneers in Reggio Emilia who found extraordinary richness in the ordinary and mundane world.

Out of the rubble we, too, can build great things.

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  1. Alina says:

    Awe, that’s so inspiring, David 🙂

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