The Underwater Ocean Song

This song is great fun for both teachers and children because of the silly voices that can be used. Use this song and see your kids laugh and laugh. Hopefully they find some time to sing, too!

The Underwater Ocean Song

by David Oh

F                        Gm7
We're under the ocean, the great big ocean.
F                        Gm7
And this is the motion, of our big ocean.
F                             Gm7
We're looking and searching, adoring exploring.
And what did we find?

Age: 3-5 years


  • Sing a short phrase of music.
  • Demonstrate different voices using different vocalizations.
  • Dramatize stories, rhymes, poetry, or music

Duration: 5 minutes


  • None
  • Guitar or piano (optional)
  • Animal manipulatives such as puppets, toys, or pictures (optional)


The children will learn this short song through repetition since the verse is sung over and over using different voices.

First sing the verse normally.

At the end of the verse, select an animal that you will imitate.

While imitating the animal physically, create a silly voice that correlates with the animal as well.

Sing the verse with the physical and vocal imitations.

Here are some examples of commonly used animals:

  • Shark – Make a shark fin with your hands. Make shark teeth by grinning. Sing the song with the teeth clenched.
  • Whale – Pretend your body is very big by bringing your arms out very wide. Sing the song with a big deep voice.
  • Fish – Pucker your lips like a fish. Make fish fins with your hands. Sing the song with pursed lips.
  • Octopus – Make eight tentacles with eight fingers below your head. Use a goofy voice that goes up and down in pitch.
  • Crab – Make pinchers with your hands. Sing as if you were “crabby” or upset.
  • There is much much more! Let the children be creative!

When the song is finished, add on the lyrics “And that’s all we found!”


If the children select an animal that is not easily imitated, allow the children to be creative. Ask them, “How does this animal move?” Then ask, “How does this animal sing?” You will see some very interesting imitations and voices!

This song fits in great with other lesson plans you may have about the ocean. You can do art projects of these animals that you can then laminate so the children can hold on to their animals. You can read books about these animals, show live pictures, and much more.

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