Sailboat Song

This song is a favorite with the children! With their imaginary sailboats you’ll see children singing this song everywhere they go!

Sailboat Song

by David Oh

D D G A Sailboat Sailboat floating in the water D D G A Sailboat Sailboat floating in the sea D D G A Sailboat Sailboat floating in the water D D G A Sailboat Sailboat floating in the sea "Oh no! Here comes the wind!" "Wooosh!" "One - Two - Ready - Go!" (Repeat x2)

Age: 18 months – 5 years


  • Sing a short phrase of music.
  • Dramatize music with movement.
  • Vocalize sound effects.
  • Perform simple songs from memory.

Duration: 3 minutes


  • None
  • Guitar or Piano optional


Have the children create a sailboat. Allow the children to be creative, but if the children are looking for ideas, have them cup one hand to make the boat and place the other hand on top to make the sail. This sailboat should be used during the song for imaginative play. If they are older, the children can keep rhythm by making “waves” with the boat.

At the end of each verse, each spoken phrase should include a hand movement for each phrase. Here are some suggestions:

“Oh, no! Here comes the wind!” – Place your hands over your cheeks as if in shock.

Woooooooosh!” – Make a sweeping motion in front of you with your arms to mimic the wind.

One – Two – Ready – Go!” – Put your boat back together, or count off, 1-2-3-4 with your fingers.


This song is very popular because the lyrics and hand motions allows opportunities for creativity and enthusiasm. For instance, during the wind motion, I will sometimes pretend to fall over myself with my boat. If you put forth this type of enthusiasm you will see great results with the children.

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