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What is Leadership?

What is leadership? We all have different notions of leadership, and something that I’m going to encourage you all to consider is that there is not just one definition for leadership.  There are many...

Asking Good Questions – Why We Need This More than Ever 0

Asking Good Questions – Why We Need This More than Ever

Today, just two days after the election of Donald Trump, I am visiting a school to do some professional development with their staff.  While I juggle the pain and hurt from this election, I...


Getting It In – VLOG 004

The National Workforce Registry Alliance conference is a super niche conference for early childhood registries across the country.  It was an eye-opening experience for me.  

Teaching Can Look Different 2

Teaching Can Look Different

Teaching Can Look Different There is the impression that teaching looks a certain way.  That a student is made ready to learn, and that a teacher delivers knowledge to children. Through practice and repetition,...

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