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A Day in the Life of Reggio Emilia

This video was put together by the Reggio educators themselves. I find it fascinating to think about the conversations they had BEHIND the camera. Pieces of this video traveled with their Wonder of Learning exhibit which...


This is it

Today is the first day of my doctoral studies. What it looks like from here on out is this: Every other week, I have in-person classes. Between those I have online assignments. It’s a...


VLOG #3 – Her Birthday and a Duck House

Lacey is everything to me.  While in the midst of work and doing consultation, she is still my priority. I also can’t believe that Miss Maya starts kindergarten!  She’s killin’ it! Make sure to...

The Image of the Child in Your Practice 0

The Image of the Child in Your Practice

Is the child weak, incompetent, needy, or are they valuable? What positions and places do children occupy? Are children citizens of the future, or are they citizens right now? Are they public subjects, or...

Teaching Can Look Different 2

Teaching Can Look Different

Teaching Can Look Different There is the impression that teaching looks a certain way.  That a student is made ready to learn, and that a teacher delivers knowledge to children. Through practice and repetition,...

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