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Solutions for early childhood schools and teachers.

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Designing Solutions for Early Childhood Sites

Using Design Thinking, sometimes referred to as Human Centered Design, I look at early childhood sites as partners.  Together we go through a process of uncovering insights that help us define the best opportunities to design high leverage opportunities for the best quality improvement.

Design Thinking Cheat Sheet

With me, you aren't just hiring a trainer.  You are bringing into your school a caring, passionate, and diligent educator who wants to see your center thrive.

Professional Development

Focusing on Human-Centered design solutions, I individualize my approaches for each site.  This means I don't have standardized pre-written sessions that I deliver to all sites. I craft a solution with you, and part of that may be a professional development session on a very particular topic.  By gathering insights, and THEN thinking about how to best create impactful change at your center, we can have the best chance at creating long term change and growth for your site. Here are some examples of topics I've covered with  sites in the past:

  • What is Learning? What is Knowledge?
  • Lessons from Reggio Emilia on Teaching and Project Work
  • Social and Moral Education in a Constructivist Classroom
  • Routines and Environments that Support Social and Emotional Education
  • Cultures of Respect and Research - How to Establish Strong Cultures at Your Center
  • Families at the Core of your Community - Primary Stakeholders
  • Rethinking Challenging Behaviors


By engaging in a coaching relationship, we can take a person's specific needs and create individualized approaches towards quality improvement.  Utilizing principles of adult development to identify and establish high-leverage activities, the coaching model is the best way to move quickly towards quality improvement.

I provide coaching for teachers and for site administrators.


If your site is looking for specific solutions for specific problems that may not warrant professional development or coaching, we can also engage in consultation.  Again, using Design Thinking as a framework for discussion and problem solving, stakeholders can come together as we engage in a process that is dynamic, efficient, and fun. The best part is that the process can be used for any problem.  In this way, one consultation session can lead to residual results for years to come.

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