Happy Birthday TeacherDavid.net!

It is nearly 2011 which means TeacherDavid.net is nearly 1 year old! Time for this baby to start walking!

Here is what to expect in 2011 from TeacherDavid.net

Four New Series

I am going to continue to relay techniques and concepts I picked up at the NAEYC Conference. I still haven’t cracked the surface on everything I learned there!

The material will be laid out in four different series:

1) Autonomy – This landmark stage of child development can be a very challenging time for teachers and parents. We will explore what this stage is, how to effectively approach our interactions with children in this stage, and when we can find teachable moments for our children.

2) Defiance – The Automatic No is an indication of a child experimenting with their own power. How we deal with defiance can have really important consequences that affect children for the rest of their lives. Using Becky Bailey’s Loving Guidance approach, we will explore the different levels of defiance and how to manage these behaviors.

3) Self Regulation – When a young child is stressed or agitated, they need someone or something to help them relieve their stress. What if that someone or something was their own self? Teaching a child how to regulate their emotions when they are stressed takes time and intentional practice. Again, we will take concepts from Becky Bailey’s approach to teaching Self Regulation

4) Accreditation – For school administrators, teachers, and parents interested in learning about this groundbreaking work in Early Childhood Education, we will cover tips, strategies, and news in regards to achieving and maintaining an accredited center.

Lesson Plans and Music

TeacherDavid.net will also begin to feature lesson plans. I’ll write a few to present some of my ideas. In the Spring, the site will host a Lesson Plan contest! With prizes! And cake! Well, maybe not cake, but there will be prizes.

The next thing you can expect are recordings, lesson plans, stories, and copies of my original music (which was the original intention of this site anyways). I realize with all of the new material from the NAEYC conference, I haven’t been able to present you with music! Music will be featured with chord sheets, recordings, and even videos!

I hope to also have a contest with some of your own songs and ideas, but I haven’t figured that out yet. If you have some ideas, send me an email!

Thank You!

TeacherDavid.net has grown so much in the last year, and I appreciate all your continued support.

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